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Wood Splitter Drill Bit

Wood Splitter Drill Bit

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Tired of spending hours cutting firewood? 

Our New Drill Bit will have you cutting a days supply of firewood in just minutes! Save your back and your time with the new Firewood Drill Bit!

More Efficient

Save yourself from back pain and muscle spasm. while cutting wood twice as fast. The New Firewood Drill Bit is a safer and more efficient way to chop wood!

Hex Shank Firewood Drill Bit – cracys

Effortless Design

It provides high-level precision by weakening the logs at multiple angles. allowing you to cut wood effortlessly in a fraction of the time!

Wide Application

Use the Drill Bit to cut any type of wood. split tough oak. hickory. walnut. sycamore. and much more!

Exquisite Craftsmanship 

Made of high-quality material that is exceptionally durable. impact-resistant. and long-lasting. The Firewood Drill Bit will be with you for any project!


  • Material: High carbon steel
  • Bit diameter: 32/42mm(1.25/1.65inches)
  • Weight:1.10/1.43lbs
Question: Does this work with all types of wood?
Answer: Yes. our Firewood Drill Bit is made to easily split any type of wood!
Question: Does this fit all drills?
Answer: Yes. the bit will fit perfectly into any size drill! Simply input the bit into any household drill and it will get the job done! 
Question: Is the drill bit safe to use?
Answer: Yes! The Firewood Drill Bit is perfectly safe to use.


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