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Women Flower Printed Non-Slip High Wedge Sandals

Women Flower Printed Non-Slip High Wedge Sandals

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Introducing our NEWEST addition to our SHOE & SANDALS COLLECTIONS - Women Flower Printed Non-Slip High Wedge Sandals!

Our Women Flower Printed Non-Slip High Wedge Sandals are made with high arch support designed functions to balance the force structure of the foot . providing a convenient and extremely soothing solution for all arch types. Its is cushioned midsole relieves metatarsal arch and heel pain corrects abnormal walking patterns helps low back pain. 

These Women Flower Printed Non-Slip High Wedge Sandals used original orthotic sole . flexible and durable . soft and comfortable like walking in a cloud. These walking sandals are suitable for more foot shapes and all types of arch. We aim at developing anti-slip and sweat-resistant . having the function of rebound . and shockproof sandals that not only protect your feet but keep you safe.

These exquisite outdoor summer sandals can be used for any occasion . shopping . street . work . office . school . vacation . party . walking . beach . swimming pool . and other indoor/outdoor activities These elegant sandals perfect match your summer clothes . dress . or bikinis . etc

Designed with comfort in mind . our sandal is guaranteed to let you have a walk-in-the-park experience.

PAIN REDUCTION - The comfort that these sandals bring will definitely help relieve your foot pain and eliminate swollen feet at the source.

IMPROVE POSTURE - The feet are where bad posture begins. Help improve the mobility of your hips . back & knees by eliminating the pain caused by your feet.

Moves angled toe back to the natural position while realigning the skeletal system for posture correction.

Prevents hips and muscle imbalances and fixes knock-knee and bow-leg.

STRAIGHTENING - Separate . Straighten and Align Toes without the need for painful surgery and spending thousands.



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