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Weight Lifting Arm Blaster - Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps

Weight Lifting Arm Blaster - Arm Blaster for Biceps & Triceps

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Take your biceps to the next level!

Are you tired of struggling to get bigger biceps? The Weight Lifting Arm Blaster is here to help you achieve your fitness goals with ease. Made from high-strength aluminum alloy. this product is lightweight yet durable. providing you with a stable support to enhance your arm exercises.

Improved Stability

It features a sturdy pad and adjustable nylon strap. along with padded elbow support. to provide greater stability during larger arm exercises. With this added support. you can train more effectively and push yourself to the next level.

Injury Prevention

The Weight Lifting Arm Blaster is made with EVP gasket material that protects your muscles. making it easier to focus on your workout without worrying about muscle injuries. The sturdy pad also helps to reduce neck pressure. so you can focus on your workout without any discomfort.

Maximize Your Workout

By isolating your arms. this helps you to stabilize your arms. reducing the burden on your back/shoulders and maximizing your focus on the concentric and eccentric portions of your lift. This means you can put more energy into your biceps. helping you to achieve your fitness goals faster.




Material: Aluminum Alloy + EVP
Weight: About 850g
Size:  60*10*0.56cm/23.62*3.94*0.22in

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