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Vortex Bank

Vortex Bank

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Remember donating all those coins into the giant spiral bank at the local shopping mall? And staring endlessly as the coin circled ‘round & ‘round & ‘round? Now you can bring that super cool, nostalgic experience into your home or office. Desktop-sized, this spiral wishing well bank will fill quickly as the donations from friends and family keep rolling in! You supply the coins.


  • COINS IN MOTION - This wishing well bank will fill up quickly as donations from friends and family who will enjoy the experience of the coins in motion upon dispensing them down a spiral bowl!

  • PHYSICS FUN - Science is FUN! Dropping coins into the bank creates engaging amounts of potential energy including gravity and conservation of angular momentum- a simulation of a decaying orbit. Fun with science with every coin saved!

  • PERFECTLY SIZE - The Vortex Bank II measures out to be 18*18*36cm, making it the perfect size for your desk at the office or even for the countertop in your kitchen! No matter where its placed, this wishing well is so entertaining your friends will pay to see it work!


  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 18*18*36cm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Vortex Bank
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