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Step-On Dog Fountain

Step-On Dog Fountain

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Easy Paw Activated Dog Fountain

With the Step-On Dog Fountain your 4 legged canine friend will have a limitless supply of fresh water and fun at their paw-tips! Teach even old dogs new tricks with the intuitive design! 


  • 【Clean Water】On demand water for drinking or playing. Never clean your outside water bowl again!
  • 【Self-Service】Unlike other toys, watch as your dogs play by themselves without needing someone to throw the ball.
  • 【Premium Build】Designed to take abuse by even the biggest of dogs. Heavy gauge steel guarantees its strength and durability. Brass fittings ensure no leaks. 
  • 【Easy To Use】Step-On Dog Fountain quickly trains your dog to step on the pedal.
  • 【Water Filter】Provides clean water with the included filter. 
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