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Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump

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The fountain kit is an economical and efficient pump that does not require electricity or batteries because it runs only on solar energy!

  • Environmental protection and economy:  solar fountain pump is driven by solar energy and can work in only 3 seconds in the sun. No need for any power battery. no additional investment. no pollution. The important thing is that it will attract many birds to your garden.

  • Six nozzles and six modes: solar fountains contain six different nozzles that will produce different spray shapes and patterns. The height can be adjusted by changing the nozzle to avoid splashing out of the basin. The spraying height can reach 50-70cm. You can easily change the nozzle.

  • Multi-purpose: this environmentally friendly solar fountain pump with a diameter of 6.3 'is very suitable for bird baths. fish tanks. ponds. swimming pools. gardens. outdoor. oxygen circulating water. It is an ideal solar pond aerator. Your garden will certainly attract the attention of passers-by. your yard will also be equipped with solar water pumps. very interesting.

  • Easy to use: just put the solar bird bath fountain in the sun in the water. The greater the sunshine. the better the effect. and the fountain will give you unexpected beauty. No excessive maintenance. no complex installation. no investment. Let you enjoy all the good things. this is also a floating pool fountain.

  • Suggestion: make sure you have poured enough water into the fountain so that the pump can fall completely underwater. The pump should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust blockage. The fountain works only when all the panels are exposed to plenty of direct sunlight. The shadow of the leaves will prevent it from working properly. It does not store any energy. so it will rest at night to ensure a longer life.



  1. Efficient and environmental protection: driven by solar energy. it can work in the sun in just 3 seconds without any pollution.
  2. Multiple water patterns: The fountain contains 6 different nozzles. which will produce different spray shapes and spray patterns.
  3. Multi-purpose: suitable for bird bath. fish tank. pond. swimming pool. garden. outdoor and oxygen circulating water.
  4. Ultra-long life: The fountain can be used for more than 10.000 hours.
  5. Very low failure rate: With filter box. the water pump is not easy to be blocked.
  6. Fixed position: with a base. so that the fountain will not float randomly.


  1. Make sure to place the fountain in direct sunlight.
  2. The stains on the solar panel need to be cleaned regularly.
  3. Please keep the pump below the water surface at all times
  4. The water needs to be changed regularly to prevent the water pump from being blocked.

Environmental Protection And Practical Design

  1. The brushless motor provides powerful water pressure. thus maximizing the height of the water column.
  2. The filter box blocks foreign objects from entering the pump so that the pump does not get clogged.
  3. The base with sucker can effectively fix the fountain. the fountain will not float at will.
  4. Efficient solar panels provide powerful power even on cloudy days

The Perfect Patio Decorations

  1. Interesting pond fountain that can attract the attention of others.
  2. Solar fountain pump for bird bath. it can attracts the attention of birds.
  3. It can be used in fish tanks to increase the vitality of fish.
  4. Solar fountain is suitable for rockery and courtyard. It is a perfect decoration.
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