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Shoe Insole Patch Stickers

Shoe Insole Patch Stickers

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  • Reduce the size to prevent abrasion. abrasion feet. and heel off.
  • Upgrade the shape of the crown to fit and prevent wear. and solve the problems of large shoes/wearing feet.

  • Soft and comfortable. non-feeling fit. high-quality adhesive.
  • Can be freely cut according to different heights and shapes of the heel of the shoe.
  • Thick ≈5mm: suitable for half size/heel worn shoes.
  • Thick ≈ 10mm: suitable for big size/drop heel shoes.


  • Suitable shoe type: sports shoes. leather shoes. boots. casual shoes. work shoes
  • Style: Half Pad
  • Size: 8*11.5cm
  • Color: Apricot. Black.
  • Size: 5mm.10mm

Packing list:

A pair of heel stickers

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