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Sewer Pipe Unblocker

Sewer Pipe Unblocker

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    • Elastic handle adopt pressing design. comfortable grip. save time and effort. easy to operate.
    •  Quick & easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged drains. with tiny hooks for hooking up hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly. a loop on one end for easy operation. simply insert the into a pipe and pull out.
    • Widely used for your bathrooms. sinks. tubs. dredge pipe. clean drain. sewers etc.
    • This drain hair remover can grab socks. toilet paper. toothbrushes and other foreign objects to block the toilet.
    • It can take out gold and silver jewelry and hair from the floor drain.
    • It is very suitable for cleaning bathrooms. kitchens. sinks. bathtubs. pipes. drains. sewers and other places that are often blocked.
    •  The multi-tooth drain snake effectively catches hair. food and other blockages.
    •  Creative and unique design. this drain dredge pipeline hook is an practical cleaning supplies in kitchen. which can help us clear the hair from the sink. dredge pipeline. and drains.
    •  Made of eco-friendly plastic. without any harmful chemicals. which pulling handle help us more convenient to clean the blockage.


    • Size: 60/90/160 cm
    • Material: Steel Wire & ABS
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