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Seed Square Tool: Seeding Square Planting Guide

Seed Square Tool: Seeding Square Planting Guide

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Grow your high-density vegetable garden with confidence. Seed Square is inspired by the popular Square Foot gardening method, is fun for all ages, and turns anyone into a master gardener! Maximise growth of your seeds in a limited space and get ready for a truly impressive crop of home-grown vegetables.







Plant your garden with ease and watch it emerge straight and tidy. Enjoy your final product of deliciously fresh home-grown produce, without the worry of nasty fertilisers or manures like at the grocery store. 

Maximized spacing = less exposed soil = less water evaporation = a lower water bill. 






Using Seed Square organizes your garden like a dream and is a huge time-saver for weeding because perfect interval spacing of plants make weeds easy to spot, and maximized spacing leaves less room for weeds.





1.) Press the square into the soil.
2.) Poke the color-coded holes.
3.) Plant your seeds. That’s it…just don’t forget to water!






As fellow gardeners ourselves, we made sure our garden spacing tool kit is durable. So go ahead and jump on it, wash it, and hang it as a piece of art if you like! Crafted from premium grade ABS plastic - buy it once & you'll be planting for years to come.

seed square foot garden tool plant family template color organize container space vegetable grow box


Perfect for all ages, all garden sizes and all experience levels!

Package Includes:

  • Color-coded Seeding Template (one square foot)
  • Planting Guide/Instructions (double-sided, thick card stock)
  • Magnetized Dibber with depth markings and Seed-Spoon
  • Funnel that clips onto the back of the template
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