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SAXOR Shrinkable Folding Stool 2.0

SAXOR Shrinkable Folding Stool 2.0

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The What-You-Need-When-You-Need-It Chair

Do you need a chair anywhere? You have a problem because most chairs are bulky. not so portable. and difficult to set up. Saxor Retracts to a compact size and sets up in seconds! It's the best solution for any occasion.

The lightest and most compact folding stool on the market

Introducing Saxor. a compact and lightweight folding stool made to optimize space and storage. Our patent-pending technology allows you to store your chair with ease and make it available for use wherever you need it.

2021 New Retractable Folding Stool

The only chair you need for any occasion!

Saxor was designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose chair for any occasion. It's lightweight. compact. and easy to set up. The fabric is easy to keep clean. Saxor takes the stress out of sitting.

Shrinkable Folding Stool

Adjustable Height  - Choose the height that makes you the most comfortable

stool height

When space is tight...

Saxor™ is a revolutionary. fully collapsible stool that fits in small spaces. It's lightweight and easy to carry with you. The Stool is the perfect companion for those who live in small apartments or dorms. or even those who want to wedgie-proof their bathroom.

A Stool for Everyone

Saxor Shrinkable Stool. It's strong enough for the heaviest of us up to 350 lbs. but still easy on your wallet. And it won't take up space in your house! Be the first to get your hands on this new. super affordable product!

New Telescopic Folding Stool

Multi Unique Colors

Sit in comfort and modern style

Folding Stool 2.0


The STOOL that's a MUST-HAVE

Have you ever been camping or hiking and had to make due with uncomfortable or inadequate seating. WHEREVER you were? If so. this is the product for you. The STOOL was made to solve this problem. Never worry about finding a seat again.

Camp anywhere

Camping can be a hassle when there's nowhere to sit. but with Saxor Shrinkable Stool. you'll never have to worry about that again. The perfect size for your adventure. this stool will take up no space in your pack and can be used anywhere. You'll never want to go camping without it!


The one accessory you should always have

You never know what you're going to get into. That's why you should always have a Saxor Shrinkable Stool in your car! With the Saxor Shrinkable Stool. you'll be prepared for anything. from a party to a festival to a mall.

Saxor Shrinkable Folding Stool 2.0 Is Newer And Better!

The NEW 2022 upgraded support makes the Stool more durable. easier to use. and allows it to carry up to 350 pounds.


The Stool has 12 different height options (2.4 inches to 18 inches). You will feel comfortable no matter what you're doing.
Fully collapsible. the Stool fits just about anywhere. Yes... even there...
The built-in. adjustable strap is designed for maximum portability. 


Spec. US Metric
Diameter 10 in 25.5 cm
Height (Adjustable) 2.4in - 18in 6cm - 45.7cm
Weight 1.94 lbs 0.88kg
Load 350 lbs 150 kg
Strap Length 35 in

90 cm


Package Includes

  • (1) x Saxor Shrinkable Folding Stool 2.0

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