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REPIN Feet Massage Slippers

REPIN Feet Massage Slippers

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Your feet deserve the best

With Foot Reflexology Acupuncture. you can say goodbye to sore feet for good! These slippers stimulate your feet. They're made with the best materials to provide the ultimate comfort.

  • Increased sleep
  • increased sweating of the feet
  • increased urination
  • increased stool frequency
  • Increased secretion of the nasal mucosa. eyes. trachea. etc
  • There is thirst and the amount of drinking water increases

15 minutes a day can protect you from pain

You would never think of a massage as a necessity. but you might change your mind after trying REPIN Feet Massage Slippers. These slippers are designed to alleviate foot pain and improve blood circulation. With these massage slippers. you only need 15 minutes a day to help yourself feel better.

Treat Yourself to a Feet Massage

Do you want to treat yourself to a relaxing feet massage? Pick up these Feet Massage Slippers today! These slippers are designed to massage your feet while you walk. making them perfect for people who stand or work on their feet for most of the day. They're especially helpful for people who suffer from back pain.

Slip-On and Relax

The Feet Massage Slippers are specially made with a silicone massage column to make sure your feet feel good. These slippers are thick and comfortable. making them perfect for home or office use. Slip them on and relax!

Special Reactions

  1. After a patient with severe kidney disease. the urine may turn black or red within a certain period of time. Continue to massage. it will naturally return to normal.
  2. Patients with back pain will feel more pain in their back after massage. But after 1 day. The pain is greatly reduced. This is the reaction that occurs when the blood flow is accelerated after the Dredge blood vessels are cleared.
  3. After varicose vein massage. the vein will be more obviously thickened. This is a good sign. It is the effect of promoting blood circulation. Should continue to massage. do not interrupt.
  4. Some patients will be swollen after the massage. especially in patients with lymphatic drainage disorder. Don't be afraid. continue to massage until the fluid is smooth. The swelling will naturally subside.

NB*: Hypertensive patients. it is not recommended to wear massage shoes


  • 44-45D: Approx 295mm
  • 42-43C: Approx 285mm
  • 40-41B: Approx 275mm
  • 38-39A: Approx 260mm 


  • Material: EVA. Wood
  • Type: Rotating Eight Diagrams. Rotating Dots
  • 82 pieces of massage points arranged scientifically.

Package Includes

  • (1) x REPIN Feet Massage Slippers

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