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Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door

Poultry Farm Automatic Chicken House Door

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The ultimate door for every chicken keeper

Turn your chicken coop into a safe zone!

It happens to all of us. busy people! It only takes once. and there you have it - PREDATORS!

We are here to help you with our automated solar sensing chicken door.

Upgrade your chicken coop with our door that works on batteries by itself.

We use only HIGH-QUALITY BATTERIES that are up for the job for 1 YEAR!

A smooth operating system will give you freedom and stability with its waterproof and aluminum design.

The ultimate automatic door for every chicken keeper!

This AUTOMATED chicken coop door opener will surprise you with its WATERPROOF feature. STURDY design. Light SENSOR.

1 YEAR battery life that works in all conditions. EASY user interface. and most importantly. a LIGHT SENSOR that takes care of your chickens being safe at night and being free-range by day.

Withstands high and low temperatures
The automatic chicken coop door endures high and low temperatures. and so does the battery. Because the battery is in a waterproof casing. it can be outside in the cold or warm weather. and it will run for a year.

Easy to install chicken coop door
This chicken coop opener is packaged safely and comes with 6 screws. and an instruction manual.

No need for exhausting assembly
The doors work by themselves using light-sensing technology. so they go up with the morning light and down when there is no light around. The intuitive design lets your chickens have the best outdoor time and most of the night's sleep when behind safe doors.

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