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Portable Anti Mosquito Coil Holder

Portable Anti Mosquito Coil Holder

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Stainless steel material. strong and durable. large-diameter bottom plate. waterproof design with cover. safe and secure. large-size design plate is suitable for placing mosquito-repellent incense. agarwood. etc.. to smoke away from the mosquitoes and make life more comfortable.

The mosquito-repellent incense coil is supported by stainless steel serrations. The grid serration design in the tray provides stable support to prevent soot from being scattered. which is safe and clean.
A mosquito coil with a cover can prevent other objects from igniting.

Material: Stainless steel
Size: 15.2cm in diameter with lid. 14.8cm in diameter without lid
Color: silver

What's in the Box:
1*mosquito coil tray  

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