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Creative Multi-layer Fruit Plate

Creative Multi-layer Fruit Plate

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Want to add a special decorative touch to your special occasion to make your amazing treats stand out?

This Creative Multi-layer Fruit Plate™ will suffice. You've invited your guests over and are serving your best treats; now complete your presentation of delicacies with this tiered server. Each tiered plate is made of high-quality. smooth-to-the-touch material. For strength and stability. they are held together by a solid wooden stand that is screwed together. The large and small ceramic trays are both beautiful and functional. displaying a variety of foods. It has a good load-bearing capacity and is not easy to shake. It adds layering and decoration to your dining table while also saving a lot of space.

Why should you have this Creative Multi-layer Fruit Plate™?

✅ Must-have Necessity for Party: If you enjoy hosting various types of parties or events in your home in a stylish manner. having the right display stand can add a lot of charm to your event. Having a 3-tiered serving stand in your party also eliminates the need for you to move around the table passing snacks to guests.

✅ Quality Material & Safe Eating: This multi-tiered stand is made up of three different-sized ceramic bowls and sturdy wood brackets. It is made of materials that are safe. environmentally friendly. and long-lasting. It has a high load capacity and is not easily shaken.

✅ Functional & Decorative: The large and small ceramic trays are both beautiful and functional. displaying a variety of foods. It adds a layer of decoration and layering to your dining table. It is the ideal size and appearance for a kitchen countertop. and it complements any style and decor.

✅ Space-Saving Design: Unlike traditional platters. which take up too much space on your dinner table. this three-tier serving tray allows you to serve more and different types of treats at the same time. These serving bowls stack well and have a small footprint. which saves table space.


  • Material: Plastic. Ceramic
  • Shape: Oval
Creative Multi-layer Fruit Plate
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