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Pirate Balancing Boat Game

Pirate Balancing Boat Game

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The game is about a penguin family who lives on a boat. The goal of the game is to balance all members of your family on the boat without them falling in the water. There are many cute little animals that will help you while playing this game and it's also educational! 

  • Colorful. full of cartoon fun pirate ships.
  • There are many cute little animals
  • Let the children in the process of the game get unlimited fun
  • But also from small to develop children on the color.
  • Shape and basic knowledge of everyday knowledge

How to play:

  1. The youngest player goes first. Place one of your penguins on the ship but be careful not to upset the balance! You want your penguin to stay on.not fall off. When you put a penguin on the boat. you must stand him up-no lying down on the job matey!
  2. Moving to the left. each player takes turns putting one penguin on the ship at a time. Try putting your penguin in a crow’s nest. on the ships deck. or even dangle him on the ledge by his bandana knot! You may place you penguins where you want on the ship. just don’t rock the boat!
  3. When someone knocks the boat and one or more penguins fall overboard. that ends the game. The winner is the player previous to the player who rocked the boat.


Material: Plastic

Age Range:> 3 years old

Size: 8.6x8.6x10 inch(22x22x25.5cm)

Color: As picture

Package Included:

1 * Boat

1 * Base

1 * 2-Horizontal Masts

3 * Game Board

1 * English Manual

2 * Horizontal Mast

16 * Penguin


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