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PIGUP Flying Pig Music Octave Box [156 Tones]

PIGUP Flying Pig Music Octave Box [156 Tones]

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In fairy tales. there is always a dreamlike rotating eight sound box. When I was young. the button to open the box would ring back to the melody of childhood when I grew up.
I hope that every time I see this pig trying to fly. I can ignite your inner flame of pursuing dreams and gallop freely in the dream country with wings of imagination.

Design detail

Hand music box. interactive with music:
Shake the handle clockwise to send out wonderful music. While shaking. the music flows out slowly. In the graceful music. the pig dances his wings and flies hard.

The charm of the acquisition

The open design. through the core. not only increases the interest but also can experience the unique manual charm. and mechanical charm.

Get some space and have fun

Only persistent and lovely little flying pig. as a fun music box. is also a good work of art. Placed in any space. it is an eye-catching decoration

Retro. Nordic. Salt Series Qingxin

Japan Sanyo movement

It adopts the Sanyo brand movement of Japan. with pure sound quality and no noise.
It is made of high-end logs and polished by craftsmen.
The whole music box is made of logs. The ingenious combination of black walnut imported from North America and European beech makes you feel the simple and natural atmosphere at any time. In addition. the genuine cowhide of pig ears and the ornament of brass nails add to the delicacy and originality.
  • Smart and delicate pig
  • Maple interactive wooden device
  • Raw water swing handle
  • Sanyko gold plated music movement


  • Material: Black Walnut/beech cow leather

  • Weight: about 360g (net weight). 900kg (including package)

  • Coating: Waterproof PU paint

  • Product size: 130 * 64 * 190mm

  • Package size: 260 * 180 * 140mm

  • Music Boxes Shape: Crystal Ball

  • Music: Castle in the Sky

  • Movement: Japanese Sankyo Movement

  • Type: Hand-operated Type

  • Tone Number: 156 Tones

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • Play Power: Hand Cranked

  • Function: Swivel

Warm tips: the music box is a hand-operated movement. only when you shake it manually can you have music

About wood Beech

The delicate and soft texture of the wood is suitable for young people's consumption.
Black walnut
Delicate. dark color. charming wood grain. noble and elegant temperament. It was known as a 'hardwood aristocrat'.

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