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Perpetual Marble Machine

Perpetual Marble Machine

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Marble Perpetual Machine is a very unique. one of a kind toy/decor gadget.

  • Amaze your family and friends that make them scratch their heads with this clever toys. Every one will love it.
The infinite looping perpetual motion machine will amaze you. Jumping little metal balls are works of art on your desk. It will relieve your tension and stress. Cute. simple and modern design. easy to attract people's attention. This gravity toy funny is also useful for those kids who want to learn more about magnet and physics.

✅ Well-Made - This product is powered by electromagnetic. The Wooden parts are made of very high quality wood. The wire is made from Stainless steel.

✅ Perfect Design - Use dynamics to allow the ball to loop over it indefinitely. Amaze your friends and make them scratch their heads with this clever toys. Every one will love it.

✅ Multiple Purposes - This cool desk toy will be a good toy. Use it to waste time. relieve stress. tune out boring coworkers. or schooling youngsters in physics.

✅ Beautiful Art - It is suitable for various locations such as house or office. and is an intriguing device it will provide relaxing entertainment and be the center of attention no matter where.

✅ The Perfect Gift - this kinetic toy can also be a great gift for many activities. such as housewarming. birthday gifts. Valentine's Day. Father's Day. etc. 

✅ Wide Application - Exquisite decoration that can be placed in or office the size of retro furniture is very suitable for hanging or placing in different places such as bedroom. office.


  • 1. Magnetic ball enters the hole.
  • 2.Scroll fast along the track.
  • 3.Finally fall into the hole accurately. infinite loop.


  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 23cm*19cm*12cm


  • 1x Perpetual Motion Machine
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