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OCTOPUS Detangling Hair Comb

OCTOPUS Detangling Hair Comb

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Say goodbye to tangles!

Are you tired of pulling on your hair when it's wet? Do you wish you could comb your hair without pain? Introducing the new OCTOPUS Detangling Hair Comb. a perfect solution for all your hair problems!

  • It's gentle on your strands and will make styling a breeze.

  • This Detangle Comb is designed for easy use with any hair length. type. or texture.

Hair Growth Starts Here

Do you suffer from tangled or knotted hair? Don't worry! There's a product here for you. OCTOPUS Detangling Comb is made with eight-claw comb teeth that can detangle your hair while massaging your scalp. The teeth are made for easy detangling so you don't have to worry about dealing with knots!

Get in touch with your hair

Get in touch with your hair with this easy-to-comb detangler. The curved design of this comb makes it easier to get a clean-cut. so you can say goodbye to tangled. overgrown locks.

For the perfect detangling combo

Dry your hair quickly and style it with ease! The hollow comb design of this detangling comb makes it perfect for every kind of hair. The non-slip design will give you more control. so you can style to your heart's content.



  • Handle Material: Rubber Plastic
  • Teeth: Rubber Needle
  • Size: 245*70*40mm | 9.84*2.76*1.57'
  • Color: Black. Green. Pink. Purple. Teal. Black


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