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NE+AR High Frequency Facial Machine Electrotherapy Wands Wrinkles Remover

NE+AR High Frequency Facial Machine Electrotherapy Wands Wrinkles Remover

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Goodbye wrinkles

NE+AR Wrinkles Remover is a high-frequency facial machine that combines an Argon Wand and a glass FUSION wand. This combination of ion therapy and electrotherapy removes wrinkles. inflammation. and acne skin!

  • Helps to calm the nerve and analgesia function.
  • Produce the ozone for sterilization. help wounds heal. and restrain pores.
  • Improve secretion. the PH value causes the skin lean to neutrality.
  • Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.
  • Anti-aging. anti-wrinkle. tighten skin.


  • 100% Brand New & High Quality
  • Heal skin scars
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Improve lymph activity
  • Help skin nutrition
  • Strengthen cell metabolism
  • Improve secretion and PH value
  • Diminish inflammation
  • Sterilize bacteria
  • Accelerate healing of wounds
  • Reduce visible skin pores


1:Portable high-frequency machine through new fusion glass electrode tube (Ar+Ne) to produce high-frequency current. accelerate the blood circulation and the metabolism to Anti-acne treatment and promote acne healing. reduce wrinkle and tighten skin. prevent hair loss and stimulate grow new hair.

2:4 ELECTRODES PREPARED FOR YOU — 4 glass electrodes apply to various body parts: spoon electrode. extra way to eliminate acne and treat pimples; mushroom electrode. treat the forehead and cheek; bent electrode. treat the nasal fossa and reduce the appearance of acne; Y shape electrode. for the shoulders and neck area; comb electrode. to stimulate hair follicles and diminish hair loss.

3:SAFE. PORTABLE. COMFORTABLE. AND SIMPLE TO USE — High-Frequency Skin Therapy Wand Machine uses the fusion of orange-red Neon gas and violet Argon gas electrodes are generally used for the treatment of skin aging. The quality materials make it safe. comfortable. natural. and recyclable. For one part. the treatment should be less than 10 seconds. (NOT SUITABLE CROWD: Pregnant woman & children & Persons with a cardiac pacemaker.)



  • Working Principle: Vibration Massage
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Type: Face Care Tool
  • Style: Facial Argon Machine
  • Standard Voltage: 110V.220V
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Power Source: US. EU. UK. AU
  • Model Number: Face Massager
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Light Colour: Purple. Violet
  • Item Type: Skin Care Device
  • Function: Facial Skin Tightening Face Lifting
  • Function: Skin Rejuvenation.Skin Tightening.Anti-acne.Anti Wrinkle
  • Certification: CE
  • Application: Face. Body. Hair


This instrument generates a high-frequency current through the glass electrode tube. When it is used. the skin will contact the tube to produce a sizzling currently. The skin will have a slight current sense and the current is within the safe range. Please feel free to use it. If you are afraid of the current sense. it is recommended to let the electrode tube and skin contact before opening. and then turn on the instrument. which can reduce the sense of the current.


1. For sensitive skin. please cover a piece of voile to avoid the excess stimulation
2. Do not place on one part over 10 seconds
3. Pregnant women and people with pacemakers are unfit for this treatment
4. Please make sure that install the glass tube into the handpiece before turning on the machine. Adjust the intensity to '0' after the finish
5. Skin with freckles and splash is unfit for this treatment

Package included

  • (1) x Electrode Stick
  • (4) x Glass Tubes
  • (1) x Carton Box


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