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Nano Magic Car Scratch Cloth

Nano Magic Car Scratch Cloth

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Do you have paint scratches and scuffs? Get rid of them in under 5 minutes with this magic solution!

The Magic Scratch Remover is made of advanced nano-technology that brings your scratches to the surface making them easy to wipe away for good. leaving your vehicle looking as good as new! Save tons of money and a trip to a professional car detailer - our Magic Scratch Remover will make any scuff or stain disappear!


This advanced design eliminates all defects such as scratches. rust. scuffs. and stains from the outer layer of your vehicle. The nano-technology gets in deeper then any fabric or brush is capable of bringing all residue and scuff to the surface and wiping it away in an instant. It is so easy to use and extremely quick. you have to try it for yourself to witness the magic!

Too many car scratches to clean and fix? With this Quick & Easy Car Scratch Remover Cloth. you can remove them instantly! Save money and get the job done quickly! 

It's annoying to find your car finish scuffed. and car repair fees are expensive! If you have this car scratch remover cloth. you can take care of any scratches in no time! First. clean the surface. then rub it with the cloth until you see improvement. Set the cloth against the lightest part of the scratch and wipe the cloth along it in the opposite direction.

Vanquishes Scuffs and Scratches! Customers have called this product a 'magic cloth' after seeing it remove light paint scratches and scuff marks effectively! It is not intended to fix issues where paint has been stripped of your vehicle. But it is great for fixing fine scratches on bumpers. door panels. door handles. the car trunk. or the car hood.

Amazing Nano-Technology Surface. Our car scratch remover cloth infuses nano metal powder into the defect. dissolving and pulling in other nearby particles. This helps the macro-molecules match the original color and magically erases visible lines.

Universal Repair Cloth. You can use this cloth to clean up surface stains. dust. debris. and other sticky messes. It can remove the car's fading paint layer and oxide layer. Applicable on all types of glossy paints and colors. It is an effective car scratch remover that will not damage the auto finish.

Don't let your car's scratch marks trouble you any longer! Order this Quick & Easy Car Scratch Remover Cloth today!

The perfect solution for fixing ALL vehicle imperfections and blemishes!

    • Quickly and Safely removes all scratches and stains

    • Works on any vehicle of any color!

    • Easy to use! No hard scrubbing required. 

    • Made of Nano-Polyester Fiber

    • 20cm x 10cm x 1cm

  • 0.01kg

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