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My Sleeping Buddy - Weighted Plush Toy

My Sleeping Buddy - Weighted Plush Toy

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Sleepless nights. loneliness. and everyday stress?

Our Anxiety Plushy is a fluffy companion that dispels all worries with its extra soft fur. It's the combination of therapeutic. weighted cuddles and cozy. velvety soft fur that will improve your well-being forever!

Reduce Your Anxiety & Get Better Sleep Within Minutes!

If you've been having trouble sleeping or staying calm it's time to try out something new. The deep pressure stimulation that weighted items can give have proven to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Our Weighted Stuffed Animal is only one hug away from calming your body and mind every time you feel overwhelmed.  

You Mental Health & Well being is #1

Stimulate your mind with something other than devices. weighted plush animals have been shown to increase focus. soothe and calm anxiety. while boosting your mood. 

The Perfect Gift for a Loved One!

The Weighted Stuffed Animal is the perfect gift for significant others. children. family members. and anyone who struggles with anxiety and sleep.

Size & Weight Guide

Standard 16in / 40cm - Dinos 0.6kg
Large 24in / 60cm - All 0.75kg
Standard 16in / 40cm - Cheetah/Unicorn 0.3kg
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