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Multipurpose Medicine Storage Box

Multipurpose Medicine Storage Box

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  • HIGH QUALITY PC MATERIALS- This pill case is pretty safe because of being made of food grade PC materials. Non-toxic and odorless. 3-in-1 Pill Crushers & Splitters & dispenser.
  • 4 LARGE CAPACITY DRUG STORAGE- You can store different pills such as vitamins. supplements. cod liver oil and pills that need to be dispensed. Use a transparent plastic cover with a food-grade silicone ring seal. so you don’t have to worry about falling medicines and you can easily distinguish between doses without opening the cover.

  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE AND PROTECTIVE FENCE - The blade adopts Food Grade ECP electrolytic polishing process. with higher brightness and more corrosion resistance. The sharp blade can easily cut large or small pieces of vitamins and tablets into 1/2. 1/3. 1/4. and 1/8.The blade guard rail which can effectively prevent accidental contact with the blade while cutting the pill and protect your safety.
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE PADS - Utilizing the physical characteristics of the large static friction coefficient of silica gel. elastically clamping tablets of different sizes. reducing the sliding of the tablets. and making the incision more flat and uniform. The design of the silicone pad is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • GOOD CHOICE FOR STAYING HEALTHY - Ergonomic. portable design. It‘s important to take your medications or supplements in the right way at the right time. this medicine box will help you to take the medicines on time. making your life easier and healthier.
  • The frame design. grinding medicine. cutting medicine. medicine box three in one. compact and easy to carry. can be quickly polished into fine powder tablets.


  • Material: PP. PC. stainless steel. silica gel
  • Scope of application: medicine
  • Color: Red. Green. Blue. White
  • Size: 8.4*6.3*3cm

Package Content:
1 x Medicine Box

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