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Multifunctional Silicone Mini Filter

Multifunctional Silicone Mini Filter

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  • Silicone Mini Filter specifically fit to cans that fully removed all residue inside. leaving only clean food behind.when all you need is on the can. and a good shake to flush out any residue inside with a small amount of tap water.
  • Designed to fit and work with any size of can. lets you drain. strain and contain food without needing to make a mess or waste as much water as a conventional colander. A standard can is officially 73mm in diameter. Our can drainer lid has a bit of stretch so can fit things slightly wider too!
  • Multi-use mini colander for fast and fuss-free cooking. Made from food grade silicone. flexible. it's dishwasher safe and the perfect accessory for every kitchen!
  • Each of the water-droplet shaped holes has been sized to allow the maximum flow of water both into and out of a can. without letting any of the food escape from inside.
  • It's compact size makes it perfect for every kitchen. Can be as a citrus-fruit juicer - just place part a lemon inside and crush with your hand to catch the pips but release all that juice!


  • Material: Silicone
  • Product size: 73mm*40mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Packaging: OPP
  • Color: White. Green. Grey
  • Product category: Cooking spoon
  • Packing list: Filter x1

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