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Magic Stretch Pleated Bag

Magic Stretch Pleated Bag

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Ditch the single-use plastics with a heavy-duty reusable one using this magic shopping stretch bag!

This lovely ruffled-like mini bag features an advanced stretching quality that allows it to store smaller to larger loads of groceries with ease. It offers an excellent bearing capacity which can carry out 5 kg up to an impressive 10 kg of weight with not a single damage. Moreover, this magic pleated bag has 2 sturdy straps that can be easily grip on or slid onto your shoulders without causing soreness or injuries. Providing you an effortless shopping endeavor at all times! Ideal for holding out various items, including fruits, vegetables, meat, cans, bottles, packed foods and more possibilities.   

The magic stretch bag is highly lightweight and it can be simply folded or rolled which makes it easier to carry around. It can neatly stash inside your pouches, purses, bags and even your pockets without taking up much space. Suitable to be used on groceries, supermarkets, pool parties, picnics, cookouts, travels and such. Made of a quality, environmentally-friendly nylon fabric that can withstand years of everyday wear and tear.

Hop into the trend of greener shopping with this magic shopping stretch bag!


  • Large Capacity Expansible Bag
    A chic pleated bag designed with excellent stretching qualities that can hold out a large storage capacity of different items. Allowing you to conveniently carry all your groceries or other purchases in just a single bag with no damage. Additionally, it consists of 2 sturdy straps that you can effortlessly slide to your shoulder or grip in your hands without experiencing pain at all. You can now save yourself from the trouble of transporting multiple bags at the same time and the soreness after every shopping time.   

  • Excellent Load-Bearing
    This shopping bag offers an exceptional load-bearing which can effortlessly hold a 5 kg of weight up to a maximum of 10 kg. Ideal for carrying various grocery items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, cans, bottles, packed foods and more possibilities. It allows you to always run your errands without the dreaded plastic breakage. 

  • Wide Application
    The magic stretch bag is completely reusable and it can be easily cleaned using a washing machine. Moreover, it can be used not only for grocery shopping, but also when you go to pool parties, picnics, cookouts, travels and such. It is even applicable as a practical gift for Christmas, thanksgiving, housewarming or as a party gift and goodies.  
  • Highly Portable Design
    This expandable reusable bag is ultra-lightweight and it can be simply folded or rolled into a much smaller size. You can neatly store it in your purses, pouches or even through your pockets while still saving up space for other items. Furthermore, it is ideal to carry around, especially when you need to do other errands first before going on your shopping journey.  
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, environmentally friendly anti-tear nylon fabric with impressive durability and bearing capacity. It is highly odorless and harmless on the skin to ensure the user’s maximum safety. This magic stretch bag can withstand years of daily use without the fabric running or wearing. It can also return automatically to its unstretch form with ease after each use. 


      • Material: Polyester
      • Color: Violet / Dark Grey / Grass Green / Black / Yellow / Pink

      • Size: Please refer to the image below


      • 1 x Magic Stretch Pleated Bag

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