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Magic Fire Wallet - Leather Wallet Props

Magic Fire Wallet - Leather Wallet Props

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 Ignite Awe and Wonder Everywhere You Go with Magic Fire Wallet!

Are you in search of a wallet that does more than just store your essentials? The Magic Fire Wallet is your ticket to becoming an instant sensation wherever you go. Combining functionality and flair. this wallet transforms a mundane item into a conversation starter. Fitted with a discreet fire cloth. it bursts into flames when opened and extinguishes when closed. Crafted from high-quality synthetic leather. it's designed to safely hold your money and credit cards while adding a spark of magic to your day.

Versatile and Functional

Magic Fire Wallet isn't just a spectacle; it's a fully functional bi-fold wallet. With designated slots for credit cards and banknotes. it serves as your conventional wallet. handling your everyday needs. Its dual functionality makes it an ideal gift for those who appreciate a dash of novelty in their daily essentials.

Show-Stopper Accessory

Imagine pulling out your wallet and it lights up in flames! Magic Fire Wallet  guarantees to be an attention magnet. perfect for street shows or as a magic prop. Its unique flaming feature will not only earn compliments but also leave an unforgettable impression. ensuring you stand out in any crowd.

User-Friendly and Quality Material

Operating Magic Fire Wallet is as simple as it gets. Open the wallet for a mesmerizing flame effect. and close it to put out the fire. Despite its flaming feature. Magic Fire Wallet  is made from high-quality synthetic leather. making it a safe and reliable home for your money and multiple credit cards.

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