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Lovely Diver Fish Tank Decorations

Lovely Diver Fish Tank Decorations

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Add some fun to your life!

Aquarium Decorations. Lovely Diver Fish Tank. Floating Device Suitable for All Kinds of Fish Tanks.

  • 【Safety resin】Diver aquarium decoration is made of safe and durable resin,Hand coloring,Suitable for fresh water and salt water. not easy to fade.
  • 【Adjustable position】Uses buoyancy to allow divers to dive without sinking to the bottom. The package contains 2 floating balls and 2 fishing lines of different lengths. The diving position of the diver can be adjusted according to the length of the fishing line. The floating ball can be opened. If you feel that the diver is floating too fast. you can add water appropriately.
  • 【Suitable for all kinds of fish tanks】Aquarium decorations is suitable for your existing landscape matching. whether it is natural wind or with interesting cartoon characters. In addition to large tanks. it is also suitable for small fish tanks. If you only have one fish. you can make him no longer alone.
  • 【For fish health】 Proper water flow is also helpful for the health of fish.As a fish tank accessories. it can help you observe the water flow direction of the fish tank.No sharp edges. Don't worry about scratching small fish。
  • 【Wonderful human&pet life】 As an aquarium decoration. I hope it will make the aquarium beautiful and add fun to your life at the same time。Let your child like it and give it positive meaning.If you have any questions about the product or the package is damaged in the logistics. please feel free to contact us.

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