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Life-Saving Emergency Car Device

Life-Saving Emergency Car Device

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Rapid escape by breaking the window in one second

Your life-saving hammer in case of a danger

Special safety hammer for breaking windows. always get prepared for danger.Break windows of the whole car and Cut the jammed safety belt.

Solid and universal tungsten steel head.Gun-type spring breaks window with skills

Tungsten steel has a Rockwell hardness of 55 and can easily cut metal and glass.The working principle of gun type produces strong impact force instantly. Easily break a window even for every people.Instantly break a window in 0.1s .Impact force of 6kg

Break (a window) even under the pressure of water.Emergency escape without obstruction

By utilizing the principle of mechanical window breaking. easily break the window even under underwater.Built-in stainless steel cutter helps you quickly and easily cut off safety belt in case of a danger.

Safe without hurting hands.Mini and simple. portable with you

U-shaped opening prevents reaching in of fingers and accidental scratches.The size and weight are the same as car keys. thus it is simpler and more fashionable.

How to use the window breaking hammer

1.pull off the lid

2.Press gently at the four corners of the side window.(The front and rear windshields are explosion-proof windows.more force is required )

3.Remove broken pieces and escape

How to use the seat belt cutter

1.Pinch the lanyard and remove the cover

2.Align the notch with the side of the seat belt and push the side forward

3.Cut the seat belt

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