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Knee Cushion Work Blades

Knee Cushion Work Blades

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No more crawling during floor works with this 360° Knee Cushion Work Blades!

This wheeled pad allows you to cover grounds comfier & faster when on your knees. And you can find many uses of it on any work that requires kneeling!

  • CONVENIENT – Designed for maximum comfort when kneeling! The silicone pads provide balance & flexibility to minimize pain when on your knees.

     – Save yourself from pain & numbness during floor works! Its 360° rotatable wheels allow you to cover grounds faster without pain.

  • BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY – Also prevents the back pain that’s eating energy! The roller design spares you from the strenuous act of crawling from place to place.

  • EASY TO USE – Replace your pads that are tangled with multiple straps! It has only one strap. allowing you to wear & remove it easily.

  • WIDE APPLICATION – Ideal for all kinds of work that require kneeling like floor installation. construction. house painting. garden planting. etc…

Get your floor works done without the strenuous act of crawling!

Grab your 360° Knee Cushion Work Blades NOW!


Material: ABS. Silicone

Size (L x W x H): 10.9 x 10.7 x 6.8 inches

Available Colors: Red

Package Options: 1 pc. 360° Knee Cushion Work Blades (includes 1 pc. Pad & 1 pc. Roller Blades)

  • 1 Pc. ONLY
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