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Handy 3 in 1 Kitchen Peeler

Handy 3 in 1 Kitchen Peeler

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Introducing a set of products that will make peeling fruits and vegetables super easy and convenient. We are happy to offer you the Handy 3 in 1 Kitchen Peeler.
        UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! Hate losing control of your potato peelers after they get wet? Because our peelers have a non-slip grip. this means your hands can get wet from any juices while still maintaining control for fast. repetitive strokes. Rest assured you can do your peeling quickly and safely without slicing your finger!

UNIQUE! Our peelers have a unique ergonomic design that absorbs pressure as it contours to your hand. making peeling comfortable and effortless. This means that even Grandma's arthritis can't stop her from peeling the whole bushel of apples for apple pies!

              FUNCTIONAL! Looking for the ultimate multipurpose tool you can’t live without? Our peelers are sharp and versatile for peeling &  julienne even the toughest skinned fruits and vegetables. They make beautiful shavings of hard cheeses and chocolate for gourmet apps and desserts!Product Include

  • 1 x Handy 3 in 1 Kitchen Peeler
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