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Grand Orrery Model of The Solar System

Grand Orrery Model of The Solar System

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The Grand Orrery model of the solar system depicts the correct relative orbital speeds of the planets plus relative orbital movement of Earth’s moon. Historically. a Grand Orrery showed only the 'naked eye' planets out to Saturn. as they were developed in the early 18th century.

Our model demonstrates 9 planets. including Pluto. and 28 moons. The Earth's moon system shows the compound motion of the moon's orbit around the Earth. while the Earth orbits the Sun.

Mercury orbits 1028 times for every orbit of Pluto. Mercury takes about 4 seconds to orbit while Pluto takes about 4 hours.The Sun. 9 planets and 28 moons are made of beautiful semi-precious stone spheres.

The mechanism is fully visible under the orbiting planet and is a fascinating display of moving solid brass gears.

In fine woodwork. a twelve-sided oak barrel housing. seated upon 12 solid brass feet. elegantly presents the Grand Orrery.

An engraved brass calendar/zodiacal ring rests on 12 brass pillars which together sit above the oak barrel.
Around the moving planets and above the calendar ring sits a removable solid brass armillary half-sphere beautifully crowning the Grand Orrery.
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**Tower Orrery
Material: medium: brass. stone. wood
Height: 8 inches
Width: 5 inches
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