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Gardening Claw Gloves Digging

Gardening Claw Gloves Digging

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Meet Gardening Gloves. your new one stop gardening solution!

Use our multi-purpose claw fingertips Gardening Gloves for all your digging. planting and raking instead of using bulky gardening tools!


High-quality protective coating prevents accidental cuts. scratches. and pricks from thorns. sticks. broken nails. and more

Keep dirt. dust. mud. and impurities away from palms and wrist

Comfortable and puncture resistant. they protect your hands at all times

Latex coating on the palms and breathable nylon on the back of the gloves for reduced sweating

Easy to clean and are suitable for both men and women

  • Material: Rubber. ABS Plastic
  • Size: 24cm x 12cm (9.5″ x 4.73″)
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