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Froggy Swimmer - Funny Baby Bath Toy Holder

Froggy Swimmer - Funny Baby Bath Toy Holder

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Double the Fun with Your Precious One!

We all know how important baths are for a new baby. Not only do they help to maintain a baby's cleanliness. but a bath can also calm a baby that is upset or gassy. So why not make the bath even more enjoyable for your little one? Introducing Froggy Swimmer. the newest member of your family!

It's time to bring home Froggy Swimmer!

This is a new line of bath toys for babies that will delight and entertain them.

With the help of a clockwise rotation. your Froggy Swimmers will swim happily in water as soon as they fall into it.

Soft and Safer

They're 100% safe and made from a silicone rubber that's super durable. the edges are smooth enough for babies to touch. play with and cuddle.

    Let your baby enjoy the bath!

    Just have fun and don't cry! Bath toys may be a great way to distract your baby and let them enjoy the water. Whether bathing or swimming. let your child frolic with the little creatures.

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    • (1) x Froggy Swimmer
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