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Flower Pot Plant Support Cage

Flower Pot Plant Support Cage

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The Flower Pot Plant Support Cage is a device that supports and guides plants: it does an excellent job of keeping plants upright and expected growth. guiding their stems to the correct position. preventing vines from spreading. and protecting plants from strong winds. heavy rains. and heavy snow. It's made of durable plastic. This product will keep your plant from drooping over time. which can cause stress on the stem and eventually lead to death.

  • Semi-circular design: Our semi-circular plant support frame can be easily installed in just a few steps.  
  • Insert the bracket into the small hole in the middle of the arc. install it on the soil and adjust the position.
  • Keep plants grow well: Promote ventilation of bottom flowers and plants. and avoid diseases caused by exposure to the flower soil.

Size: 15.5x15cm / 15.5x25cm
Material: Plastic

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