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Unisex Barefoot Running Shoe

Unisex Barefoot Running Shoe

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These are so beautiful and so comfortable. I can go hours on my feet and never feel any type of discomfort and I also workout and run in them and they perform with no failure. I also get a lot of compliments and I’m quick to tell them I got them from Fayybek.


Why Choose our running shoes ? 

From plyometrics.running to weightlifting. these men's Fayybek training shoes give you confidence in the box. They have a breathable mesh upper with lightweight overlays for added support. Easy no tie shoelaces meaning they are not going to come undone when running.and a non slip sole offering better grip on treacherous surfaces.  


Breathable Mesh.The Fayybek training shoe contains breathable mesh that ensures optimal airflow and has breathable holes to provide your feet fresh air; breathable fabric transfers moisture away from your foot and sits on the fabric instead. minimizing chafing and maximizing comfort.

Easy No Tie Shoelaces. Our elastic laces are securely fastened. so they won't fall undone while you're jogging. Plus. they come in handy during the winter when it may be too cold for your hands to be fumbling with traditional laces.

Non slip Sole. The Fayybek running shoe features rubber soles offering better grip on treacherous surfaces. They also have the advantage of being oil- and water-resistant.



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