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2022 Outdoor Flower Bird Feeder

2022 Outdoor Flower Bird Feeder

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Create a bird-friendly backyard and feed wild birds.

Making our backyards as bird-friendly as possible is a smart environmental decision and one of the easiest things we can do to right some of the damage we humans have done to our mother nature.

Hand made: Made with love and sincerity

This transforms your backyard into a mini-ecosystem and you can experience nature up close and enjoy the company of the inhabitants of your backyard who would otherwise remain hidden in the treetops.


  • Environmentally Friendly: It will help feed garden birds and create a mini-ecosystem for them.
  • Beautification: You will witness many songbirds and take advantage of nature as a whole.
  • Easy to Install: Very easy to assemble and the petals can be opened or closed as needed.


  • Material: Metal + plastic 
  • Size: 
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