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Clip to gather the dog's stool

Clip to gather the dog's stool

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Clip to gather the dog's stool

Say goodbye to the stool in your hand. let the dog's fall automatically into the bag. It can be replaced with comfort and tranquility. even if you are traveling. you can feel good.


  • Soft: The dog poop catcher comes with soft silicone pad. which is lightweight and comfortable for your tail dog. There is no harm and anti-off. And the dog. even without feeling.
  • Convenient: the poop will fall into the collection bag. No need to run around with the Pick Up. avoid unexpected discomfort. Disposable bags is more convenient. you can replace when and where you want.
  • Lightweight: Small Size. friendly dog. you will not even feel it. And so you can put it in your pocket and take it anywhere you want.
  • Easy to use: when the collection bag is full. you just have to remove the clip and press the button and the bag is placed in the trash. No complications. no bending. no picking. no touching.


  • Size selection: We recommend small dogs with a tail diameter less than 2.5 cm with small forceps (eg. Teddy. Bichon. etc.). large dogs with a diameter more than 4.5 cm tail (for example. Husky. Samoyed. etc.) We recommend the big one.
  • There may be some errors in the size by hand.


  • Color: Pink. Blue
  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Size: Large Clamp: 7cm * 4.2cm. Small Clamp: 9.5cm * 6.8cm. Large Bag: 9cm * 21cm. Small Bag: 6.1cm * 17.2cm
  • Weight: Large Clamp: 165g. Small Clamp: 125g. Large Bag: 98g. Small Bag: 72g

What's in Package:

  • Type 1: Large clamp + 20 large bags
  • Type 2: Small clamp + 20 small bags
  • Type 3: 20 large bags
  • Type 4: 20 small bags
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