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Car Scratch Repair Tool

Car Scratch Repair Tool

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Frustrated of seeing scratches on your car? This car scratch repair tool makes it super easy to remove all the scratches.


  • Repair cloth can not be washed before use to ensure that the repair site has been dry
  • Suitable for all colors of the car(Dark color car Use with caution,Too much force may result in chromatic aberration)
  • Replace the sealed bag after use (too dry can spray a little water)can be used about 10-15 times
  • Inadvertently drop the sand ground, do not use to avoid secondary damage to the paint


Special Features: Car Scratch Polish Cloth 
Item Weight: 10g 
Model Name: Car scratch repair cloth 
Brand Name: Vehemo 
Item Length: 20cm 
Item Type: Paint Cleaner 
Item Width: 10cm 
Material Type: Nano

1. When using the product, do not touch the water, keep the car dry
2. Use the product within three days (try not to wash the car, wet the water), the longer the use, the better. Groove-type scratches, primer is not recommended to use exposed
3. Exterior glaze, coating, plating crystal paint, not recommended within three months
4. Black Department of the vehicle, you need to blow dry van brush paint to white, so that the surface without grease, to confirm the use of no color


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