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Bamboo Foot Sleeves

Bamboo Foot Sleeves

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  • Bamboo Compress Foot Sleeves - Relieve and Prevent stabbing pains. discomfort. and soreness in your arches. heel. and ankle.

  • Comfortable Fabric - New Bamboo Material makes these the most comfortable eco-friendly socks on the market. Wicks moisture and prevents bad odor 4X better than cotton.


  • Bamboo Foot Sleeves for Sleeping - Instant and Easy relief anywhere and anytime you need whether you're awake or sleeping.
  • Foot Massage - Targeted pressing foot massage helps support feet. stimulate blood circulation and reduce swelling.

  • Wide Range of Use - Can is worn barefoot or with your shoes and boots. Perfect for long trips or when walking/running. golfing. or exercising.

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