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Automatic Water Level Control Valve

Automatic Water Level Control Valve

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A water level control valve that automatically shuts off the water supply when the tank is full. The product prevents leaks and overflows by shutting off the water supply before it can overflow and damage your home or property. Also, it automatically regulates the water level in your tank.

  • When the water level rise to the limit line, the water level control valve will stop supplying water at once; when the water level of the water tank falls down, the valve will start to supply water automatically.

Water intake method: Water from the side
Applicable temperature: ≤120°C
Pressure range: 0.1kg-12kg
Port Size: 1/2" 3/4" 1"
NC or NO: Normally Open
Material: Plastic
Installation: Inside installation

What's in the Box:
Automatic Water Level Control Valve 

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