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Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Automatic Cat Water Fountain

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Cats often get dehydrated simply because they don't like their filthy. still water.

If you've ever had a cat that loves drinking from the faucet. you probably already know.. Cats LOVE drinking from running water.

The Water Fountain keeps your cat away from your sink and hydrated all day long with a constant supply of clean. running water.

Your Feline NEEDS 7 to 9 Ounces of Water EVERYDAY!

Most kibble loving cats often suffer from chronic. low-level dehydration. which can often lead to further illnesses. The Water Fountain will give your cat the flowing water source they need to keep them hydrated throughout their day.

Protects your Cat's Whiskers

Cats are often discouraged to lower their head to drink out of their bowl when their whiskers get in the way. and over time. this leads to dehydration and other illnesses. Our uniquely designed tap works around this to ensure your cat can easily drink running water. without disrupting their sensitive whiskers! 

Why do veterinarians love the Water Fountain?

REDUCED DISEASE! Increasing clean water intake helps prevent chronic kidney disease. feline urinary tract infection and constipation.  

Cats are happier(and healthier)! Numerous studies prove that many cats become depressed and sluggish because of a lack of water. Improve mood by improving hydration! 

Helps prevent whisker fatigue and reduces stress! The biggest culprit of whisker fatigue in cats are water dishes that cause the cat's whiskers to rub against the bowl causing stress and sensory overload


Filtration System: To top it off. this cat fountain has a circulating filtration system that uses a replaceable filter to purify the water. remove hair. dirt and food scraps  Travel-Friendly: If you're on the go. this stainless-steel cat fountain can be assembled and disassembled in a snap. Perfect for travelers.

A cat water fountain can provide several benefits over a traditional cat bowl:

  1. Encourages drinking: The flowing water in a fountain can be more appealing to cats. encouraging them to drink more water.
  2. Keeps water fresh: The constant flow of water in a fountain can help to keep the water fresh and oxygenated. reducing the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.
  3. Filters water: Some cat water fountains come with filters that remove impurities and debris. ensuring that the water your cat drinks is clean and healthy.
  4. Variety: Some cat water fountains have multiple levels of drinking points and various water flow settings. allowing cats to choose the drinking method they prefer.
  5. Low noise: Many cat water fountains are designed to be quiet. so they won't disrupt your cat or your home environment.
  6. Attractive design: Some cat water fountains are designed to be visually attractive and fit with the home decor
  7. Convenience: with an automatic water fountain the cat owner doesn't have to refill the bowl so often.

What's in the box?

1 x  Water Fountain

1 x Fountain Filter


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