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Apple CarPlay + FREE Charger & Camera

Apple CarPlay + FREE Charger & Camera

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Travel with peace of mind with your Apple CarPlay. a connected co-pilot.

CarPlay is a screen you can install in your car to connect your phone and easily access your favorite apps while you drive. It allows you to view messages. navigate maps. listen to music and more. all while keeping your eyes on the road.

How do I connect to Apple CarPlay?

Each car has at least one of these options:

  • FM signal transmission (radio channel)
  • AUX cable
  • Bluetooth

Personalize your driving experience

With our CarPlay. you can choose the apps you want to use. for a tailored driving experience.

No need to navigate between multiple screens. CarPlay lets you customize your dashboard to easily access your favorite apps.

It connects your phone to your car's display. giving you easy and secure access to some of your phone's features while you drive.

Make driving your own experience to tailor your journeys to your needs.

100% connected. 100% focused on the road with your Apple CarPlay.

Are you tired of having to choose between staying connected to your digital life and staying focused on the road? With Apple CarPlay. you no longer have to choose. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology. you can be '100% connected. 100% focused on the road'. Imagine being able to navigate maps. listen to music. make hands-free calls and send messages. all while keeping your eyes on the road. Come and experience the pleasure of a connected journey.

How to use Apple CarPlay with your iPhone | Mashable

The benefits of Apple CarPlay for a more connected and safer driving experience

If you are already familiar with the Apple user interface. you will find the CarPlay interface familiar and easy to use.

Built-in features : Apple CarPlay offers seamless integration with your iPhone applications. such as music. messages. phone calls. navigation and more. You can access these features directly from your car screen.

Safety : Apple CarPlay is designed to be used safely while driving. With voice commands. large easy-to-use buttons and a minimalist interface. you can interact with your phone without being distracted from the road.

CarPlay is the answer to all your CarPlay & Android Auto needs.

With its easy setup. you can say goodbye to costly installations and hello to hassle-free sound. Simply plug it in your cigarette lighter port and enjoy fully functional CarPlay on the go.

Featuring a sleek and minimalist design. Drivemate offers a clean and polished look that will elevate the interior of any car. Impress your passengers with its modern aesthetic and user-friendly design.

Roman – autoradio Carplay Android stéréo. lecteur MP5 à écran tactile 7  pouces. système Audio USB ISO. récepteur stéréo. 2 Din | AliExpress


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