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Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device

Apnea Tongue Stabilizing Device

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Anti Snore TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device) is a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive solution to problem snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

It is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution that employs tongue displacement technology.

You don't have to mould or trim it, and no jaw modifications are required.

It is perfect for denture wearers because no pressure is given to your gums, jaw, or teeth. It is also a pleasant option for those who find it difficult to adjust to the jaw positioning of a MAD.

Control your tongue…Prevent the snore

The Anti Snore TSD is a brilliant simple, effective and noninvasive anti-snoring medical device. It provides an easy solution for the treatment of snoring problem.

Traditional mandibular advancement devices indirectly move the tongue forward by moving the mandible. But Anti Snore TSD gently suctions to the tip of the tongue, preventing it from falling back into the throat and obstructing the airway. In addition it prevents clenching and tooth grinding by positioning the tongue between the upper and lower teeth.


Made of soft medical-grade silicone, Anti Snore TSD is a one size fits all model. The Anti Snore TSD requires no impressions, no adjustments and has no moving parts. Best of all, it is indicated for anyone — even those with TMJ issues and the edentulous.

How to use it?

  • Place the TSD in your mouth i.e., it should rest between your front teeth and the lips. The protruding bulb is outside of your mouth.
  • The side with the small cut on the TSD should go to the bottom side of the mouth.
  • Squeeze the bulb to let out air.
  • Place your tongue in the tube and release the bulb. This creates suction vacuum and your tongue attaches to the bulb area of the TSD.

What causes snoring?

Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the upper airway during sleep. This can be due to large tonsils, a soft palate, a long uvula or excessive flabby tissue at the throat. All of these areas relax during sleep.

In other cases, nasal congestion from allergies or deformities of the cartilage between the two sides of the nose can contribute to narrowing of the airway.

By keeping the airway open, air travels more slowly, reducing throat vibrations and diminishing or eliminating problem snoring. Holding the tongue forward is one of the most effective ways of keeping the airway open during sleep.

However, the most common cause of narrowing of the upper airway is a tongue muscle that becomes too relaxed during sleep. When relaxed, it gets sucked back into the throat with each breath taken.

Because snoring occurs when air travels faster through a narrow tube than through a broad one, this rapidly moving air causes the relaxed soft tissues of the throat to vibrate. It is this vibration that creates the sound of snoring.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Egbert Sally
Good Product!

I was concerned that the devices would be uncomfortable but it is a very good size.This device is suitable for everyone. I am not sure yet if it helps with others snoring but it helps me and i very comfortable to sleep with.

Jack Felix
It really works

The instructions on the package were easy to understand, and the product fit comfortably onto my teeth.Wear it without any discomfort. Definitely noticed an improvement in snoring according to my partner and I also sleep better and better.

Bess Houtman
Super helpful

I was impressed how easy it was to set the mold but I also like how there's no odor because I struggle with products that smell. It's nice that it functions as a protect teeth as well but so far it's working well. Wife is happy the snoring is gone. I was able to sleep comfortably with it right away which was the most important.

Ryan Rosa

This product isn't just for individuals it's a family friendly sleep solution. It has transformed our sleep problems and relieve snoring,creates a peaceful atmosphere for the whole family.


Fit well, keeps your tongue if you do not push it very well and softly. I will sell to sleep I expect a good result.