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Anime Pokemon 3D Crystal Ball

Anime Pokemon 3D Crystal Ball

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The most amazing Crystal Lighting Pokeball

This kawaii Pokèmon Crystal Clear Pokeballs are the perfect lamps/LEDs for all Pokemon fans and trainers alike!

This cute crystal ball comes in different designs. choose your favorite or catch ’em all!

Bulbasaur. Dragonite. Mew. Rayquazza. Lucario. Gyarados. Blastoise. Zapdos. Moltres. Charizard. Charmander. Mewtwo. Gengar. Pikachu. Arcanine. Squirtle. Eevee. Snorlax. Umbreon. Lugia. Ninetales. Haunter. Absol.
Each Pokeball is constructed using a high-grade K9 crystal also known as Optical Borosilicate Crown Glass – the very same material used in high-end home decor! The awesome 3D Pokemon displayed inside is laser engraved into the crystal. which results in the gorgeous glowing effect seen when the ball is placed on it’s LED light base.

The crystal ball itself is a perfect sphere with an 8cm diameter. making it bigger than a baseball. A glass button and black ring design are applied onto the sphere. giving the Pikachu Pokeball a protruding effect and detailed look. With no bumps and the smooth k9 crystal material. it feels amazing in your hand!

Along with your Pokemon crystal pokeball comes the LED base. The base has a glass rotating plate and sports 7 different colors that can be displayed! It can be either electrically charged via a USB cable. or it can be used wirelessly with 3-AA Batteries.

A high quality product fit for all trainers. Grab yours while it’s on sale!

Product Details

Crystal Glass Lightinh Pokemon Ball 1



  • Clear. transparent Pokeball made of K9 Clear Crystal
  • Base includes 7 LED lights
  • Pokeball size: 3.15 inches/ 8cm
  • LED Base size: 1.77 inches/ 4.5cm
  • USB cable length: 150cm


  • Powered by USB or 3-AA batteries
  • Environmental Protection (low energy consumption)
  • Power spend: 0.012kw.h/24 hours
  • LED life expectancy : 10000 hours
  • Input Voltage: 4.5V-5V
  • Output Power: 2-2.5W

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