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Angled Fan shaped Eyelash Brush

Angled Fan shaped Eyelash Brush

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Mascara Color

🎁💐Don't forget to get some for your family and friends as it's a unique gift idea.

Create and define the perfect eye makeup. Shape, blend and fill your eyelashes. Smear your eyelashes like a professional.



Angle folding fan-shaped eyelash brush, just one step away from the sunflower, 120 ° angle folding, in line with human mechanics, easy to operate.

It conforms to the eye line, and the operation is more convenient. Say goodbye to fly legs, and avoid conglutination.

Easily comb out the clumps of eyelashes. Double layer fine brush head, dip in eye black, and comb from top to bottom along the growth direction of eyelashes.

Thickened metal tube, durable. Solid wood paint, comfortable and elegant to hold, equipped with brush cover, convenient to store.


Material: Fiber wool+copper tube+solid wood
Size: 17.3cm*1.2cm*1cm

Package Included:

1 * Angled fan-shaped eyelash brush

1 * Mascara

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