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All-In-One Smart Airfan

All-In-One Smart Airfan

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With an expansive chamber for excellent airflow. the fan function lets you forget about those heat waves entirely. Aim it vertically or horizontally. to dial in to that perfect angle.

Separate climate zones make it easy to enjoy your own temperature at night. and stay cuddled up to those you love. Never worry about energy consumption with Airfan by your side. with high thermal efficiency and a long lifespan without question.

10 levels of heating for you to choose from! Our PTC ceramic heating plate helps heat you up faster. keeps you safer. and lowers energy consumption! Most importantly. your skin stays hydrated.

With a brushless DC motor. the lifespan and air delivery are matched to ideal dual-motor conditions. and the efficient hollow design is optimized for you.

Our proprietary design waves 100% of the wind to where you want it. unlike traditional fans. which waste up to 70% constantly. Target your power consumption. noise. and airflow through Airfan.

AirFan includes a world-class air purifier that’s capable of handling even the most stubborn airborne germs. We all deserve the healthiest air possible!

CADR focuses on the volume of particle-free air. However. the data shows that it’s not the only factor in indoor air quality. but also how much of it we breathe in.

Here's how Airfan differs from its competitors:

There’s no need for a bedside lamp with Haxson! Choose from over 100 brightness levels and enjoy a night light. reading light. and lamp all-in-one!

Imagine how it would look at night...

When sleep mode is active. the fan speed notches down significantly. to maintain maximum quality resting. so everyone wakes up happy and healthy. Because a good night’s sleep is invaluable. and we understand that better than anyone.

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