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Adjustable Toddler Safety Walking Assistant

Adjustable Toddler Safety Walking Assistant

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BabyStepsCo™ Walking Harness Assistant improves your baby's balance and coordination. 

Witnessing the joy of your baby taking the first stop is a magical and joyful moment for every parent. Some babies. however. can take up to 16 or 17 months until they start walking. With our walking assistance harness for babies you can help your little one learn how to walk way faster.




Research has shown that by helping your baby to walk by holding their hands you can easily dislocate their humerus (upper arm bone) from glenohumeral joint which is the joint connecting arm to the shoulder.

BabyStepsCo™ Walking Harness Assistant is very user-friendly and comes with a user-manual to help you use it efficiently. The straps are adjustable so it is easy to put on and take off. It fits all sizes!

Made from 100% cotton and mesh. not only it only assures safety for your baby. but also comfort and breathability.


Check Mark on Messenger Helps boost confidence - BabyStepsCo Walking Assistant belt will help your baby gain confidence as they will think they are actually walking on their own. This confidence will quickly developed into independent walking.

Check Mark on Messenger  Prevents injuries - Limit the risk of injuries from falling and hitting sharp corners while learning how to walk.

Check Mark on Messenger  Reduces back pain - Due to baby lack the ability to balance naturally. the wobbly first steps make baby feel frustrated when they learn to walk. also parents often experience significant back pain as must constantly bend over to hold their baby's hands To help your baby walk. Walking assistant provides a revolutionary and natural method for babies to learn to walk.

Check Mark on Messenger  One size fits all - The straps are adjustable and it can fit every baby’s size.

Check Mark on Messenger  Superior quality - It is made from 100% cotton and mesh. It can support up to 90 lbs.

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