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7 FINGERS Blinds Dusting Cleaner

7 FINGERS Blinds Dusting Cleaner

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No More Dusty Blinds

Do your blinds collect dust? Are they mostly just there for decoration? Try 7 FINGERS Blinds Dusting Cleaner! It's fast and easy to use and will help you clean up your blinds without having to do a lot of work.

  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Designed to clean all types of blinds.
  • Washable and Rust proof.

Prevent Blinds from Staining

Make your blinds look the best they've ever looked with the 7 FINGERS Blinds Dusting Cleaner. This product is fast and easy to use and will make all of your blinds look new.


  • Type: Hand Tool Parts
  • Material: Micro Fiber
  • Color: Orange/Yellow
  • Size: 135*160 mm

Package Includes

  • (1) x 7 FINGERS Blinds Dusting Cleaner 

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