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4 in 1 Pet Electric Hair Trimmer

4 in 1 Pet Electric Hair Trimmer

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Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - A variety of replaceable tool heads

Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - 4 heads meet different needs

4 Variety Replaceable Heads

4 replaceable heads to meet different needs. It provides one nail grinder head and 3 different size trimmer heads . make your dog’s nail clipping and hair grooming job easy and simple.

Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - Waterproof

Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - being super quiet

Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - safety replaceable head

Special gift for Your Beloved Babies

Best gift for your dog in this summer. 100% waterproof trimmer comes with 4 replaceable heads to provide detail and clean nail trimming and hair cutting for your dog. Safe and easy to use nail Grinder to provide smooth and round nails to your dog.



Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - professional dog cat grooming kit

How To Use

Prep: Clean your dog's paws and nails and make sure they're dry.

Step 1: Introduce The Grinder (required for first time use only)

Accustom your dog to the nail grinder by turning it on and placing it in your dog's presence so that they can sniff it and identify it as harmless.

Step 2: Grind

Select the appropriate head port based on your dog's nail size or remove the black guard over the grinding stone for greater flexibility.

Start grinding the nail at a 45 degree angle starting at the bottom and rounding the nail off at the top. Grind in 5 second intervals to avoid heat build-up and continue grinding until you've achieved the desired results. Have a cloth handy to wipe off the nail.

Step 3: Reward

Reward your dog with cuddles. praise. and treats so that your dog can associate this as a positive experience.

Dog Nail Grinder & Hair Trimmer - Product Size

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