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Underwear that you can wear for a peace of mind during your menstrual cycles

This period underwear for women is perfect for light period days and spotting. And it offers backup protection when paired with other menstrual products in heavy flow days. The menstrual panties protect the sheets if the period leaks from the pad/cup/tampon in the night

How does INNERSY Period Underwear Work?

  • For the safe side please wear these as extra protection with other menstrual products.

  • Use these alone on your lighter days.

  • Please test the leak-proof function before use regularly. as the effect of period underwear varies from person to person.

Care for You on Your Important Days

Higher Lining for Extra Protection

We have made the front lining higher and the layer go up until the waistband in the back. which enables the period proof underwear more protective to prevent outer clothes from getting stained. The liner is thick and keeps you feel dry and clean the whole day or even after waking up from a heavy night

Questions Frequently Asked about INNERSY Period Underwear:

Q1: Can I substitute pads with these in conjunction with tampons?

Answer: Everyone is different. So it depends upon how your body functions. These period panties give that extra layer of protection so you don't mess your pants. Some would usually use tampons & a liner on their heavier days and just a tampon on their lighter days or even use this period underwear alone on light days. Thus please try find out the best way for yourself before you take these panties as your regular menstrual underwear.

Q2: Are there any special washing instructions?

Answer: Hand wash and air dry.

Q3: Are these panties lined in black or dark gray?

Answer: Dark Gray.

Q4: How often should you change them? 4-6 hours like a pad or 12 hours like regular underwear?

Answer 1: Change them like regular underwear because you will also be wearing either a pad or tampon with these!! These will NOT protect you. If you are not wearing a pad or tampon you WILL bleed through to your clothes.

Answer 2: Light days. I only change once a day and put fresh on at bed time. For heavy days. I change every 3-4 hours. I put the used one in a plastic bag (when at work) and wash when I get home.

Q5: Are these good for swimming?

Answer: No they are cotton.

Q6: How much liquid do these panties hold?

Answer: They are not really meant to absorb liquid. But they are great as a barrier and have prevented many potentially embarrassing moments during periods.


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