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12 Colors Magical Water Painting Pen Set

12 Colors Magical Water Painting Pen Set

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Using Tips
1. The spoon must be a ceramic spoon;
2. When using a paintbrush to draw on the spoon, make sure that the spoon is dry;
3. The water must be cold water;
4. The patterns and strokes should be thicker to make them float.
5. It is best to draw only one pattern at a time, and it is recommended to draw the outline first, and then fill in the interior of the pattern.

Steps for usage
1. Prepare a floating pen, a ceramic spoon, a bowl of room temperature water, paper towels (or towels)
2. Wipe the spoon with a paper towel or towel first to ensure that there is no water and other debris on the spoon
3. Draw the pattern you want on the spoon (make the pattern connected , otherwise it will spread out)
4. Wait a few seconds for the pattern to dry a bit
5. Gently place the spoon into the water from the edge of the pattern
6. Separate the painting from the spoon, take out the spoon, and you're done
7. Remember to start from the second step when using again

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